Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Perfect day off

Hello there,

spending a good day in Vienna is an easy thing to do.
Although spending the perfect day - it can be tricky.
But not for me if you first have a lovely breakfast at Nascha's with a dear friend
then go to the Vienna Fashion Week / POP UP STORE  at the Ringstrassen Galerien
There you can shop designer clothing from VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2015 where I interned this year. with the Team of Creative Heads.

Hope you enjoy the post.

P.S. the pop up store is open until tomorrow 31.10. so when you're in Vienna right now- don't miss.

 NASCHAS in Vienna, 1010, Petersplatz 

Eggs Benedict

Beautiful Interior 

A walk through the city center on a beautiful autumn day



At the POP UP STORE I fell in love with Buffet clothing once again

and am thinking of buying that beautiful sleeveless coat which I already saw at Vienna Fashion Week 2015

Me wearing 

selfmade coat
COS pants
cashmere top JOE TAFT
Céline bag white
GEOX trainers
pearl necklace inherited 

iPhone cover - marina hoermannseder

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Le manteau - blanc

Dear readers,

in september my school for fashion design restarted and we had new projects on our minds.
One of those was to sew a coat, because it is one of the trickiest things in the crafts.

Mine should be a very special one, but one I would want to wear every single day.
I wanted it to be minimalistic, too. Aswell, as a little sunny ( look inside!!)
Below you get to see the whole process, from the sketch to the finished piece.

Please tell my what you think about it and if you believe that I am on the right track.

Love, Sunny

First - the sketch 

Second - the proto type
out of cotton 

Then the sewing process 
here you see a sleeve - undone

sewing process
 undone pockets

Then my very first self-made coat!
I am so proud of myself.

Inside - a light pink lining


Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

SPA in the City

Dear readers,

you all know these kind of sundays.
You get up, still feeling a little tired, maybe from last night, see the weather from your window and just want to turn your back towards this cold and rainy world - outside.
That almost would have happened, if I hadn't had a huge hole in my stomach.
So my sweet boyfriend and I went to Josepf Brot which is the place to be in Vienna.
There we had breakfast and then we decided to try a trip to the Spa in the Falkensteiner Hotel, also in Vienna. And there we had some great couple of hours…

What we did not know when we entered the hotel:

if you visit the Falkensteiner Hotel for the first time you get to use the entire SPA for free!!

See below and handle my secret spa tip with care. 

Josepf Brot Bakery.
Located in 1030 Vienna.

The best eggs benedict I ever had!!

The view from the rooftop.
The SPA area is on top of the building.

Clearly you can see how freezing and cold it was outside.
I guess it was the best idea I ever had - to spend my sunday at the SPA.

All afternoon we had tee for free. 

Sleeping, reading, dreaming.

I had time to read a few magazines and have a nice cup of tea.

The sauna and steam bath area.

I haven't been this relaxed in a veeeery long time.

GOOD BYE dear sunday spa. 
I hope it won't be our last encounter.

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

Wiener Wiesn

Dear readers,

well well well, october is nearly over and so is the famous Oktoberfest in Munich.
But there is not only the Bavarian Wiesen in this world. Also the Austrian know how to celebrate the end of summer. Everyone dresses in the national costume of Austria and has a lovely time.

The national costume for Austrian women is the so called Dirndl. Every city has it's own colors and prints. Usually the material is out of cotton, linen or silk. We wear a blouse underneath and an apron overneath. The men wear leather shorts, checked shirts and matching socks.

Here you see my impressions of the Viennese Wiesen. Enjoy it as much as I did!

My Dirdl, the blouse underneath.

A jacket in case it gets cold.
And YES!! It got very cold. 

The tent and the famous big wheel (Riesenrad) in the background.

Me with a huge glass of spritzer.

Decoration of the tent.


The girls.

Johannes Hübel presenting the traditional menswear.

Most importantly: have a lot of gingerbread !!!

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Festival des Métiers

Dear readers,
a week ago a great great exhibition happend to be shown in Vienna, Austria.
Hermes, the great Parisian fashion house which concentrates on leather and crafts rich in tradition opened 'Le festival des métiers' in the Spanish horse riding school of Vienna for a week.
Gladly, I got to see how watches, gloves, handbags, ties, and the famous hermes 'carrées' are made.
Here you see my personal impressions of 'le festival des métiers'.

Since Hermes startet their company to produce leather saddle and 
other horse riding equipment, their sign is a horse. 

And which place suits such an event better than the Austrian Horse Riding School in Vienna?
The place was beautifully staged.

Most important for me are the Hermes handbags.
There are known everywhere and I got to have a sneak peek 
on how the are made. 

Gloves in steps. 

It all started with the saddle.

And the famous Hermes carées.

Here we see how the prints are designed. 
Hermes chooses a different artist for each carée. 
Usually there are more that 40 colors in one single scarf.

One thing I did not know: Hermes colors china. 

Last but not least: the watchmaker. 

Thank you for reading .fashion for sunny. 
and I hope you enjoyed our little insight into the world of Hermes just as much as I did.