Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Burggasse 24

Dear readers,

in this post i present you the one and only BURGGASSE 24.
It seems like a common  second hand shop - but it is not.
It is the crème de la crème of second hand / thrift shopping.
They have the most amazing variety of outfits from the past decades
and the clothes are in a really healthy and clean condition.

But it is not only the clothes that make this shop so special.
It is also the atmosphere, the old ware house in the heart of Vienna where it is located.
And on top of this it shares the space with a stylist who started selling his own collection there.
That shop is called PENG! and is sort of an shop in shop system.

Not only you can spend many many hours wandering threw the coolest second hand shop of the city
but also you can sit there and have a nice cup of coffee or what ever pleases you because Burggasse 24 also has a little Café aside. The space is so cosy with an fireplace and vintage furniture.

Just when you thought vintage got vintage - you meet Burggasse 24 and you are all on it again.

PENG! shop 

PENG! shop

The Café 

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