Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Burggasse 24

Dear readers,

in this post i present you the one and only BURGGASSE 24.
It seems like a common  second hand shop - but it is not.
It is the crème de la crème of second hand / thrift shopping.
They have the most amazing variety of outfits from the past decades
and the clothes are in a really healthy and clean condition.

But it is not only the clothes that make this shop so special.
It is also the atmosphere, the old ware house in the heart of Vienna where it is located.
And on top of this it shares the space with a stylist who started selling his own collection there.
That shop is called PENG! and is sort of an shop in shop system.

Not only you can spend many many hours wandering threw the coolest second hand shop of the city
but also you can sit there and have a nice cup of coffee or what ever pleases you because Burggasse 24 also has a little Café aside. The space is so cosy with an fireplace and vintage furniture.

Just when you thought vintage got vintage - you meet Burggasse 24 and you are all on it again.

PENG! shop 

PENG! shop

The Café 

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 or at  Burggasse 24, 1070 Wien

Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

fabric house at AFA Vienna

Dear readers,

last week an italian fabric house opened a show room of their latest textiles in the headquarter of the Austrian Fashion Association of Vienna. Unfortunately, it only lasted two days but I was lucky to see it all.
Fabric House has  already two shops, one in Düsseldorf and one in Munich, in Germany and an online shop. The fabrics are really good Italian quality and the prices are heavenly nice ( from 2 - 20 € per meter which is a bargain. They have fabrics from wool to pure cashmere to silk and all kinds of prints.

I got to choose some fabrics for our school's collection come spring and also did pick a few fabrics for me and my personal designs. Gladly we could buy at 3 meters already which is few for this industry and got the discount from the school!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some new ideas for yourselves and a little inspiration.

To get more information on fabric house :

the showroom

a lot of fabrics hanging in there !!

sneek peek on the collection from HLMW 9 michelbeuern

a little chanel look-a-like 

always in love with a good jacquard 

there can never be to much gold and glamour 

Thank you! 

Freitag, 6. November 2015


Dear readers,

as every year H&M collaborates with a quite advanced and popular label.
This year BALMAIN/PARIS was the lucky star and balmaination was born.
These past few years Balmain has gained a lot more buyers and fans. The label reinvented itself in 2006 and since that day we could never live without it again.

And since June 15 we have been waiting and some of us saving to this one day.
Lucky me - I was invited to the pre shopping event by H&M and got to purchase a few clothes right away. Drinks were served, a lot of pictures taken and the credit cards may need a rest until 2016…

Below you see my impressions of the evening and my latest investments.

Campain H&M x Balmaination 

The entrée of H&M 1070 in Vienna.
The place was really crowded. 

In a display. 
This dress was sold out within minutes.

A very veeeery happy sunny.
I bought myself a little balmaination. 

All in all the event was a real success.

In my BALMAIN x H&M jacket + wearing BALMAIN leather pants 
shoes vintage 

My review on the collection:

I think there were a few really good designs and it matches H&M perfectly.
But unfortunately often the fabrics of the dresses felt cheap and uncomfortable.
I really loved the Jackets and the accessories. 

THANK YOU H&M and BALMAIN for that experience.