Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Festival des Métiers

Dear readers,
a week ago a great great exhibition happend to be shown in Vienna, Austria.
Hermes, the great Parisian fashion house which concentrates on leather and crafts rich in tradition opened 'Le festival des métiers' in the Spanish horse riding school of Vienna for a week.
Gladly, I got to see how watches, gloves, handbags, ties, and the famous hermes 'carrées' are made.
Here you see my personal impressions of 'le festival des métiers'.

Since Hermes startet their company to produce leather saddle and 
other horse riding equipment, their sign is a horse. 

And which place suits such an event better than the Austrian Horse Riding School in Vienna?
The place was beautifully staged.

Most important for me are the Hermes handbags.
There are known everywhere and I got to have a sneak peek 
on how the are made. 

Gloves in steps. 

It all started with the saddle.

And the famous Hermes carées.

Here we see how the prints are designed. 
Hermes chooses a different artist for each carée. 
Usually there are more that 40 colors in one single scarf.

One thing I did not know: Hermes colors china. 

Last but not least: the watchmaker. 

Thank you for reading .fashion for sunny. 
and I hope you enjoyed our little insight into the world of Hermes just as much as I did.  

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