Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Animal Print

How do you find this kind of animal print?
Do you like it? Or do you think that it looks cheap?

Or these? Do you like that print?
It is the classic animal print. 
Most people just did not like it.
Most people said it looks shabby. 
Many women thought that. 

Until many fashion designer took that kind of print and
 created beautiful and great robes.
Just like Roberto Cavalli above. 

Or he made a jacket. Just like that. And everyone started to wear these animal prints again. 

But now they found something new: 

Yes. Animal prints. But now they are different.
And I love them. For me they look really gorgeous.

This one is a dress from Kleiderkreisel.

And these are from the unique Victoria Beckham who now found her way in that business.
I think she did a real great job with this Spring Collection for 2012.
She also made shoes.

AND... this cute baby dress!!

I love that kind of animal print very much. 

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