Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

SPA in the City

Dear readers,

you all know these kind of sundays.
You get up, still feeling a little tired, maybe from last night, see the weather from your window and just want to turn your back towards this cold and rainy world - outside.
That almost would have happened, if I hadn't had a huge hole in my stomach.
So my sweet boyfriend and I went to Josepf Brot which is the place to be in Vienna.
There we had breakfast and then we decided to try a trip to the Spa in the Falkensteiner Hotel, also in Vienna. And there we had some great couple of hours…

What we did not know when we entered the hotel:

if you visit the Falkensteiner Hotel for the first time you get to use the entire SPA for free!!

See below and handle my secret spa tip with care. 

Josepf Brot Bakery.
Located in 1030 Vienna.

The best eggs benedict I ever had!!

The view from the rooftop.
The SPA area is on top of the building.

Clearly you can see how freezing and cold it was outside.
I guess it was the best idea I ever had - to spend my sunday at the SPA.

All afternoon we had tee for free. 

Sleeping, reading, dreaming.

I had time to read a few magazines and have a nice cup of tea.

The sauna and steam bath area.

I haven't been this relaxed in a veeeery long time.

GOOD BYE dear sunday spa. 
I hope it won't be our last encounter.

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