Montag, 20. April 2015


My dear readers,

after a long break of not-blogging out of personal reasons 
I decided to take my hobby up again. 
So I am back and happy to be.

With my return to
 I want to show you my latest creations I designed and produced 
at fashion school I started autumn 2014.

Our first theme was FRIDA KAHLO.

First of all I did my research on Frida Kahlo herself.

Frida Kahlo. Self portrait. 

Second I made a research on fashion designers 
who already had conquered Frida Kahlo as inspiration.

As seen above: Lena Hoschek. 
Austrian fashion designer.

Susanne Bisovsky's interpretation of Fridas dressing.
She is also an Austrian fashion designer.

And then I went creating on my own. 

Thank you for visiting. 

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