Samstag, 25. Juli 2015


Dear readers,

just a few weeks ago 
I got to visit the atelier
of the Austrian theatre wardrobe supervisor 

Art for Art even has its own fabric departement.
Here the costume designer chooses first.


If there is not a wide range to choose from
 because of course you need a special material or colour 
the fabric buyer contacts larger scale distrubutions.

When you make an appointment with Art for Art (Goethestrasse 1, A- 1010 Wien) 
you may get to buy a fabric for your private production. 


The costume production also has their own hatter.
I saw a great collection of headdresses from former plays or operas.

Art for Art also has der own shoe departement.
Sadly it shrunk to a 50 m² factory.

The manufactory also constists of a storage for every sort of footform.

There is a production only for underear which is very important for the vienniese ballet.

I got a sneak peak at the sewing factory.

A little impression from the hallway.

Here a costume that took part in the Opera of Vienna.

In the atelier.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour through ARTFORART. 
Have a lovely weekend.