Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Ashley Fuller Olsen 18#

In Nantes, France, where I am staying at the moment it has rained today. 
This is why I show this picture of Ashley.

A. wears boots from Hunter, jeans and a black jacket.
Never missing sunglasses.
A. wears wayfarers. 

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Ashley Fuller Olsen 17#

There is a woman in a red dress.
There is a stunning woman in a red dress.

A. in a red dress. 

Sonntag, 26. August 2012


Stromae is Belgian. He is a stylish Belgian. He is a Belgian singer with style. 
Actually he is called Paul Van Haver and he is 27 years old. 
Yesterday I have seen a great documentation about Stromae. 
And I thought that this guy really is courageous with fashion on the stage but as well in private. 
This is why I wanted to show you some outfits of him. 

And last but not least Stromae in Munich. 

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012


Upcoming season we are going to wear everything in this color. 
Red. But it is not just a simple color. 
Think of the red carpet. Or think about former kingdoms. 
The kings, emperor wore red capes and lived in red salons.
Moreover, it flatters every skin type.
I think this is reason enough why we should wear this color. 


Ashley Fuller Olsen #16

One of my favorite pictures of Ashley.
At the premiere of the "Hangover"-movie.

A. in a simple black dress and high heels. 

Montag, 20. August 2012

Freitag, 10. August 2012

sunny's best dressed women 2012

Some weeks ago the fashion-magazine GLAMOUR elected their "best dressed woman 2012". I thought it would probably be someone like Sienna Miller (she got place 39.), Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen or Olivia Palermo. But when I saw that they chose Kristen Steward I did not understand why. Is this about how creative the stylists are? Because I do not see that Kristen Steward is conscious and adventurous with fashion. But savors obviously differ. And this is why I show you my TOP 10. These women show their flair of fashion. Each of them has their own style and expresses her character with their clothing.
 Sunny's best dressed women 2012. 

Sienna Miller.

Ashley Olsen.

Blake Lively.

Clemence Poesy. 

Alexa Chung.

Olivia Palermo.

Florence Welch.

Daphne Guinness. 

Kate Bosworth.

Poppy Delevigne. 

Samstag, 4. August 2012

Ashley Fuller Olsen 13#

On the beach.

A. wears a white dress with black dots and a hat.
Never without sunglasses. 

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Ashley Fuller Olsen 12#

Natural Beauty.

A. wears casual pants, a grey shirt, a black blazer and sandals.
Never missing: sunglasses.