Freitag, 6. November 2015


Dear readers,

as every year H&M collaborates with a quite advanced and popular label.
This year BALMAIN/PARIS was the lucky star and balmaination was born.
These past few years Balmain has gained a lot more buyers and fans. The label reinvented itself in 2006 and since that day we could never live without it again.

And since June 15 we have been waiting and some of us saving to this one day.
Lucky me - I was invited to the pre shopping event by H&M and got to purchase a few clothes right away. Drinks were served, a lot of pictures taken and the credit cards may need a rest until 2016…

Below you see my impressions of the evening and my latest investments.

Campain H&M x Balmaination 

The entrée of H&M 1070 in Vienna.
The place was really crowded. 

In a display. 
This dress was sold out within minutes.

A very veeeery happy sunny.
I bought myself a little balmaination. 

All in all the event was a real success.

In my BALMAIN x H&M jacket + wearing BALMAIN leather pants 
shoes vintage 

My review on the collection:

I think there were a few really good designs and it matches H&M perfectly.
But unfortunately often the fabrics of the dresses felt cheap and uncomfortable.
I really loved the Jackets and the accessories. 

THANK YOU H&M and BALMAIN for that experience. 

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