Freitag, 6. April 2012

Summer in apricot

This summer nearly everyone has a piece in this color. Olivia Palermo, Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller and many more. We can find the color in every shop and in every ladies closet. Some call it light orange. Others call it apricot. And I call it the color of spring and summer 2012. Looks amazing in the city and natural in the country. Apricot is easy to combine with other colors and goes with everything. 



American Apparel.

                                     Olivia Palermo.                                              Kate Bosworth.


                                     Sienne Miller.                                        Emma Stone.

 The combination with mint is very courageous.

I want !!

Plissee is always alright. 

Kate Bosworth for Vogue. 

A Jumpsuit. And a nice hat. 
Great for Spring. 

Blake Lively. 

                                   Anelia Peschev.                                       American Apperrel. 

Wonder Anatomie.


And last but not least, the movie "Sommer in orange".
Sorry that the trailer is just in german. 

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